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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

U.S. - Israel Relations from Bad to Worse

By Joel Rosenberg

TRAIN WRECK: HAMAS LAUNCHES VIOLENCE IN JERUSALEM, BUT U.S. IS SLAMMING ISRAEL:  Also, National Review runs Rosenberg column on crisis

UPDATE: The crisis between the U.S. and Israel is going from bad to worse. Hamas has declared a “day of rage” against Israel. Radical jihadists are stoking anti-Jewish violence in Jerusalem. The PLO is calling for a “third intifada” against Israel. Iran continues to feverishly plot to annihilate the Jewish state. Yet the Obama administration continues to slam Israel for building Jewish homes in a Jewish neighborhood in the Jewish capital. Now U.S. envoy George Mitchell has abruptly canceled a visit to Jerusalem. The White House and State Department are losing their minds on this issue. Please pray that U.S. officials cool down and gain some semblance of wisdom, and quickly.

National Review Online is running a column I wrote entitled, “Are U.S.-Israel Relations Headed For A Train Wreck?” It is a variation of the weblog posting I did over the weekend. This version is aimed specifically at conservatives around the U.S. and in Congress and how they can best respond to the crisis and push back at the Obama Administration’s reckless and dangerous approach.

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