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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rick Warren's Role to Unite World's Religions

Tony Blair Taps Rick Warren to Help Unite Faiths

Tony Blair thinks that Rick Warren can help him achieve his goal of uniting all religious faiths. Blair is engaging in a religious “offensive” in North America. It is indeed offensive when someone like Blair, a disobedient Catholic who thinks the pope should support abortion and gay marriage, decides that his agenda for world religion should be everyone’s.

Blair and his grasping wife, Cherie, travel the globe in search of the respect that has eluded them in their own country. They find it here in America where people don’t mind at all about Blair’s track record in Britain. (After all, Americans don’t care about anyone’s track record. They elected Barack Obama for President, a man who had never even run a Dairy Queen.) Here’s the story about Rick Warren’s new opportunity for celebrity as he works with heretics and pagans to unite world religions.

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