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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Driscoll: Avatar is "most demonic, satanic film I've ever seen

From The Crosstalk Blog

Driscoll: Avatar is “most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen.”
As was discussed earlier, many churches would rather have Avatar-themed services than warn about the dangers of the pop culture.

Mark Driscoll, who has been appropriately criticized for choices he has made, at least can be congratulated for not passing out 3D glasses as they use a trailer to segue into some semi-religious thought, but instead pointing out the dangers in the contemporary culture that are overwhelming millions of self-identified evangelicals.

The world tempts you to sin, to use people, to disobey God, to live for your own glory instead of his own, to be a consumer instead of generous, that’s the world system.

And if you don’t believe me, go see Avatar, the most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen. That any Christian could watch that without seeing the overt demonism is beyond me. I logged on to and the review was reflective of Christianity today, very disappointing. See, in that movie, it is a completely false ideology, it’s a sermon preached. It’s the most popular movie ever made, and it tells you that the creation mandate, the cultural mandate is bad, that we shouldn’t, we shouldn’t develop culture, that’s a bad thing.

Primitive is good and advanced is bad and that we’re not sinners, we’re just disconnected from the divine life force, just classic, classic, classic paganism, that human beings are to connect, literally, with trees and animals and beasts and birds and that there’s this spiritual connection that we’re all a part of, that we’re all a part of the divine.

It presents a false mediator with a witch. It presents false worship of created things rather than Creator God in absolute antithesis to Romans 1:25, which gives that as the essence of paganism. It has a false incarnation where a man comes in to be among a people group and to assume their identity. It’s a false Jesus. We have a false resurrection. We have a false savior. We have a false heaven. The whole thing is new age, satanic, demonic paganism, and people are just stunned by the visuals. Well, the visuals are amazing because Satan wants you to emotionally connect with a lie.

One could well argue that pagan philosophy has existed in movies before Avatar (some are calling Avatar “Pocahontas in Space”), and that one does not need to “go see Avatar” to realize its danger, but its always nice to know its not just “the fringe” that is concerned about the worldview behind pop culture.

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