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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Perpetuating Lies in the Middle East Conflict

By Chris Schang

One of the most flawed and consistently repeated errors in the Israeli and Palestinian conflict is that Israel is somehow holding Gaza in a siege and because of that it suffers as a result of Israeli aggression. The truth of the matter is that nothing could be further from the truth. The YNetNews website recently had an article that covered this topic and it is timely considering the increased pressure the U.S. is presently pushing on Israel. The YNetNews article reports:

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is set to arrive in Israel to visit the Gaza Strip amidst demands to end a so-called siege on the terrorist-controlled territory. Yet one has to ask what siege, or blockade, he is referring to, with 738,576 tons of humanitarian aid being transferred into the Gaza Strip in 2009.


Moreover, the UN has provided $200 million in Gaza Strip aid following a military operation that reportedly claimed 1,300 fatalities amongst a population of less than 1.5 million – meanwhile, notwithstanding plans to raise more funds, it has provided only $10 million to natural disaster victims in Haiti as of the end of January, an earthquake that claimed the lives of over 230,000 people and affected over 3 million. Of course, that is without mentioning that Haitians have not been attacking an innocent nearby civilian population for a near decade.

The facts being presented in the YNetNews article are very interesting in that Gaza presently and I would say has done so for a long time now, received more aid than current crisis centers around the rest of the world are receiving in light of devastating natural accidents like the earthquake in Haiti. The problem with the Palestinians is that they have not used the money they have been given to better the future of their citizens. The fact is the bulk of the aid money has been used to buy more arms in order to further attacks on Israel. Then what is remaining is usually funneled into secret accounts of the corrupt Palestinian leadership. Yasser Arafat's widow is still the last I heard still receiving millions of dollars a year from aid money in order to support her and her children who live in luxury outside the Palestinian area. This is simply a gross abuse and waste of the taxpayers money that comes from the rest of the world. There's an old saying that you can't get help unless you help yourself. I think this old saying is appropriate to describe the Palestinian situation because they have simply not helped themselves and demanded that aid money be used for humanitarian projects that would alleviate the conditions in Gaza. But as long as the fanatical terrorists maintain their iron grip on Gaza there is no light at the end of the tunnel for the average Gazan who would simply like to move on with their lives in peace.

The YNetNews article also detailed the "lie" bought by the international community despite the evidence contrary to what is currently being promoted in reference to a siege on Gaza. The news report went on to mention:

The international community has bought into a bold-faced lie about an Israeli siege on the Gaza Strip while ignoring the facts on the ground. International humanitarian aid has been flowing rapidly into the Gaza Strip for years and in no way stopped after Operation Cast Lead, as 30,576 aid trucks entered the territory in 2009. In 2009, 4,883 tons of medical equipment entered the Gaza Strip. Just last month, a new CAT scan machine was brought into the Strip.

So from these facts on the ground we can easily see that the "siege" on Gaza is a myth perpetuated by the Palestinians and international community in order to pressure Israel. The facts on the ground just simply do not support the myth that is being promoted in order to cast Israel into a negative light. But as usual, people are not interested in the truth, they are simply looking for more ammunition to act out their anti-semitic aggression towards Israel. This has simply got to stop. The truth is being discarded for a lie, and aid money is simply being dumped into a bottomless pit. Back when Israel vacated the Gaza strip and turned it over to the Palestinians it was widely reported that many of the greenhouses that were used to produce a substantial amount of agriculture products as well as jobs were systematically destroyed by the Palestinians rather than using them to better the overall situation of the average Palestinian. The Palestinians destroyed these greenhouses simply because of their bottomless hatred towards Israel and the Jews. This was a classic case of where the Palestinians could have taken a step forward to improve their lives, economy, jobs, etc. but instead they chose to shoot themselves in the foot instead by destroying the greenhouses. In fact, the Palestinians have done this kind of stuff so much in the past it is surprising that they have any toes left.

Another myth perpetuated by the Palestinians and international community is that Gaza has been turned into the world's largest prison. The fact on the ground is quite different as outlined by the article:

The Gaza Strip has also been referred to as “the world’s largest prison”, implying that residents are not being able to exit the territory. Yet in 2009, 10,544 patients and their companions left the Gaza Strip for medical treatment in Israel, and last week alone nearly 500 patients and companions from Gaza entered Israel for treatment.

The truth of the matter is that the Palestinians have used unfettered access into Israel as a means of carrying out suicide attacks and other acts of violence. They simply have no one but themselves to blame for Israel closing some roadblocks and entry points into Israel as keeping them open compromises the security of Israel as a whole. The Palestinians and international community continue to perpetuate lies about Gaza and the Israeli behavior towards them without mentioning why these events have occured.

Meanwhile, US government officials such as Congressmen Keith Ellison and Brian Baird, both of which visited Sderot with the Sderot Media Center, have promoted the idea of a “Gaza Siege.” They must be ignoring the fact that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged $900 million in aid to be sent to the Gaza Strip following Operation Cast Lead. A USAID and DOD report calculating the aid sent to the quake-raved Haiti noted that, as of last month, all US government programs provided just over $700 million in aid, nearly $200 million less than to the terrorist-controlled Gaza Strip.

It is noteworthy that U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison is an open moslem and has anti-semitic behavior towards Israel. He is an African-American Catholic convert to Islam. It is not surprising that people like him would continue to support the "lies" about Israeli behavior on Gaza in light of the truth we have already covered. The fact of the matter is that the situation in Gaza and even the West Bank will not improve until corruption is halted and most importantly until the Palestinians themselves decide to help themselves rather than running around shooting themselves in the foot. As long as the world community continues to play surrogate mother to the Palestinians, they will continue to play into the "myths" of the Palestinian and Israeli conflict. One way to protect yourself from falling into believing these satanic lies is to educate yourself on the truths of the situation and not to believe everything you read in the media, which is blatantly liberal and unsurprisingly anti-semitic towards the Israelis. Only until the world community continues to stop supporting the Palestinans and buying the "lies" will change be possible. Even then that is very unlikely as long as fanatical Islamic terrorist groups continue to control the Palestinian areas.

Let us continue to pray for Israel and the peace of Jerusalem, that the world looks for the truth and does not buy the satanic lies anymore. The continued promotion of these lies breeds a victim mentality that is easily seized upon by the terrorists who hope to keep pthe Palestinian people in bondage which leads to antagonizing the Israelis. The constant barrage of anti-semitic media and TV shows to the general Palestinian population as well as to little children does nothing to encourage a healthy relationship that will ultimately lead to a peace existence between both sides. These acts of hatred will only continue to inflame the fires of hatred and lead to further bloodshed. Let us continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, as the Lord Jesus Christ is the only one who can bring this troubled region back to genuine peace.

God bless.

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