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Thursday, March 11, 2010

More On Jonas Brothers Performance at Rick Warren's Easter Service

From a Little Leaven: Jonas Brothers to Perform at Saddleback's Easter Service


Jonas According to the Christian Post:
The wildly popular yet wholesome Jonas Brothers will perform for Saddleback Church next month during the Southern California megachurch’s Easter service.

Saddleback senior pastor Rick Warren announced the pop rock boy band’s upcoming performance this week in a tweet two months before his church kicks off a flurry of activities.

This year, Saddleback’s Easter service will be unlike any of its previous ones, and not just because the Jonas Brothers will be there along with Christian music artist Kari Jobe.

Besides Easter, the Lake Forest, Calif., megachurch will also be celebrating its 30th anniversary. For the occasion Saddleback has rented the Angel Stadium in Anaheim and plans to hold the service with about 50,000 people.

"This Easter will be unlike any we've had at Saddleback before, as we rejoice together for one momentous service at Angel Stadium in Anaheim,” the church states in its Easter web page. “We'll have special guests, inspiring worship, and Pastor Rick will take a memorable look back at where we've been as a church, and most importantly, talk about the future.”

We wonder if Jesus' victorious resurrection from the grave for our justification will at least get an "honorable mention" during Saddleback's "Easter" extravaganza?

With all the talk about Saddleback's past and most importantly, Saddleback's future that Rick Warren plans to deliver after the Jonas Brothers' performance we seriously doubt there will be any time left for Pastor Rick to do more that say something like,

"Oops! I almost forgot to mention that it was awfully nice of Jesus to choose to raise from the dead on the exact same day that I started Saddleback church. Wasn't that nice of Jesus to glorify Saddleback that way? Let's give Jesus a a big round of applause for rising from the dead on the same day that Saddleback got started. Afterall, if it weren't for Jesus, Saddleback MAY not be here today."


  1. I love sarcasm....haha! I think this is a prime example of what is happening all over our nation in churches, it's disheartening to see but also just makes it clear that the day of Daddy's return is getting closer and closer.....and THAT makes my soul smile (except for the fact that many, many, many will be left behind, including those who THINK they are safe...sitting in pews (or theather seats), that part makes me sad...

  2. yeah, the sarcasm was pretty sharp in that one's really sad though - that this is the state of the church. the only hope we have in this is as you said: Jesus is coming and He's coming soon! we are in a time where so many are deceived and being taken down the wide road of destruction. this apostasy in the church is one of my main motivators for starting this blog so that at least one person will "come out from among them".


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