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Friday, August 20, 2010

The Christian Murderer

By Ray Comfort

"So Chapman was 'obviously' not saved because he shot a man in the back and then read a book? Are you saying that no "saved" Christian has ever been angry at someone behind their back, and then sat down to do some menial task as if nothing had ever happened?" Lurker

Every Christian falls into sin. However, a true converts never "willfully" sins. He has a daily battle with things that he knows are wrong. He is torn this way and that way by sinful enticements, and what the Bible calls the "works of the flesh." But a true Christian fights the battle, and if he loses a skirmish, he is quick to get onto his knees and ask God for forgiveness.

The difference between the true and the false convert is that the Christian falls (against his will) into sin, while the hypocrite dives (willingly) into sin. If I get up on a Monday morning and say to myself, "Today I plan to sin," then I need to seriously examine myself and see if I am truly saved.

Chapman planned the murder of another human being. He harbored hatred. He prayed to the devil for help. He was filled with self-pity and guilt, and fed his mind on a book that was filled with blasphemy and sexual sin. He was a devious, hate-filled, jealous, cowardly, bitter, calculating, cold-blooded murderer who shot a man who had just shown him great kindness, in the back. And then he calmly read his favorite book while he waited for the police. He was a hypocrite of the worst kind. Mark David Chapman’s "I converted to the Lord at 16," stated years after the murder are evidence of his shallow understanding of the Christian faith.

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