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Monday, August 2, 2010

National Conference on Christian Apologetics 2010

By Justin Edwards

This year's National Conference on Christian Apologetics is October 15-16 in Charlotte, NC. The theme of the conference will be Defending Faith and Family that will include a variety of important issues with special emphasis on practical ways in which individuals and families may effectively impact today's culture. From the website:

Defending Faith and Family

"The Family and Church are God's fundamental building blocks for society. Without solid families and strong Christian underpinnings the breakdown in culture will be rapid and devastating. Christians may be tempted to be discouraged as we look at the societal chaos produced by the collapse of the family. Without right thinking on faith and family, society will be riddled with problems. What is the answer? Families are built on one's view of God and truth. One's view of God will inform every area of life including the family.

Are your views of God and family true or just your opinion? That is, do your ideas of Faith and Family correspond to reality?

Join us at this conference as we examine the roots of good thinking about God and family. Is Christianity a feeling or is it fact supported by science, psychology, theology, ethics, metaphysics, and more? Examine the evidence for the truth of Christianity. Learn about the false ideas that are undermining the family and how to correct them. World class teachers, including the faculty of Southern Evangelical Seminary, will teach you how to explain and defend biblical views on abortion, same-sex marriage, concepts of human nature, and more that Christians face in today's fast moving world. Gain confidence in the foundational thinking behind a clear and consistent biblical worldview.

Christianity is inseparable from good thinking, good thinking results from good teaching, and good teaching starts in the family.

Come to NCCA 2010 East Coast and hear the best Christian thinkers of our day inspire and teach you how to strengthen your faith as you explore apologetics and its impact on the family.

We strongly believe that apologetics integrated into Christian thinking (theology) is essential not only in your personal relationship with Jesus, but also in your family. We should not expect a great move of God to happen in this age without the strengthening of the family. This will affect church discipleship, evangelism, societal stability, and revival.

Therefore, it is necessary that families repent of intellectual laziness and begin to embrace the mind God has given us and promote the apologetics enterprise from within their homes. This conference is about just that--the integration of apologetics and the family.

Attendees will hear top scholars address a variety of important issues, including the Christian worldview, moral relativism, homosexuality/gay marriage, responding to belief systems that oppose Christianity, moral purity/sexual abstinence, ethical issues, stem cell research, the sanctity of human life, and more.

Also, sessions will be offered to equip Christians to share their faith confidently and effectively, facts about the trustworthiness and authenticity of the Bible, the resurrection, and ancient evidence for the life of Christ, absolute truth, and why it matters, Creation vs. evolution, overcoming spiritual doubts, how to reach skeptics with the Gospel, a Christian response to Islam, answering atheism/agnosticism, a Christian response to cults (such as Jehovah’s Witnesses), a Christian response to the occult (such as wicca or witchcraft), responding to popular media themes related to the Christian faith [such as popular books like The God Delusion and Misquoting Jesus], and more."

Speakers will include:

Josh McDowell

Dinesh D'Souza

William Dembski

Erwin Lutzer

Gary Habermas

Chuck Colson

Marvin Olasky

Alex McFarland

Hugh Ross

Sean McDowell

John Stonestreet

Ryan Dobson

Mike Licona

Warren Cole Smith

Frank Turek

William Federer

Richard Howe

Janet Mefferd

Anthony Bradley

Doug Beaumont

J. T. Bridges

Nora Hale

Jason Reed

Closing the session will be a debate on "Do Jews Need to Believe in Jesus" between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach.

This conference will sell out quickly so purchase your tickets as soon as possible.

For additional information on topics, speakers, schedule, location, and registration, please see: National Apologetics Conference 2010

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