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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ed Young Jr. and Twilight Sermon Series?

From The Museum of Idolatry

In an attempt to stop the bleeding (sagging attendance figures), Ed Young, Jr. has decided to see if he can surf the Twilight pop-culture wave. Who knew that Twilight and Biblical Christianity had sooooo much in common?

Here are the details regarding the sermon series from the the Fellowship "Church" website:

As life unfolds along the path before us, we often find ourselves seeking connection, hope, love. But it’s more than a desire to find the right feeling. Our deepest desire is to know…and to be known. Ultimately, we want to discover the potential, the presence and the power of romance.

In this series, Ed Young takes a unique look at romance throughout Scripture. And he shows us the reality that true romance from God’s perspective is about much more than a fleeting feeling of infatuation. It’s the very thing that can help us experience love, meaning and direction every day.
We're sure this will be a blockbuster "sermon" series.

Watch the video promo here: Twilight the Sermon Series?

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