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Saturday, July 3, 2010

False Security on the Broad Road

The writer has met many people who profess to be Christians, but whose daily lives differ in nothing from thousands of non-professors all around them. They are rarely, if ever, found at the prayer-meeting, they have no Family Worship, they seldom read the Scriptures, they will not talk with you about the things of God, their walk is thoroughly worldly; and yet they are quite sure they are bound for heaven!

Inquire into the ground of their confidence, and they will tell you that so many years ago they accepted Christ as their Savior, and “once saved always saved” is now their comfort. There are thousands of such people on earth today, who are nevertheless, on the Broad Road, that leadeth to destruction, treading it with a false peace in their hearts and a vain profession on their lips.

A.W. Pink

(HT: AM)


  1. Christina KennisJuly 3, 2010 at 1:24 PM

    This is a huge issue in the churches today and satan is loving every minute of it. All these people living a false hope and he knows that as long as he keeps inserting the not-so-easy-to-see lies, these people will never see the actual truth..

  2. So true, Christina. The greatest battleground for souls is within the church itself.


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