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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Common "Gotcha" Questions

What About Jeffery?

"Do you understand that IF the Bible is true and you die Saved you will be sharing eternity with Geoffrey Dahmer? There is incredibly good evidence – and much research into the matter – and the general consensus is that Dahmer’s conversion to Christ four years before his death was 100% genuine. Even if you DOUBT this, let’s pretend this is actually the case. How would you feel about sharing a place in heaven with him, when someone else who might live an otherwise exemplary life but is in Hell simply because they do not believe in God or Jesus?" Michael

This sort of question is in the special category of "Here’s a question that you dare not answer. It gives me an excuse to reject God’s mercy and end up in Hell. Aren’t I clever?"

These are a dime a dozen, and can be quickly cut and pasted from the Internet and effectively confound the average Christian. They range from "Can God make a rock He can’t lift?" To "Can't a man look sexually at a perspective wife?" to "So if Hitler repented and trusted in Jesus, he’s in Heaven?"

Think of the Day when you stand before God, and every one of your secret sins comes out as evidence of your guilt. What are you going to say to try to justify yourself? "I refused to repent because I had this very clever 'Let's pretend' scenario of Jeffery Dahmer and Hitler going to Heaven."

Also, it seems that one of the hardest things to get across (to atheists in particular) is that no one will end up in Hell for "not believing in Jesus." Sin is “transgression of the Law” (see 1 John 3:4). On Judgment Day, God will punish people for murder, rape, theft, adultery, hated, lust, pride, ingratitude, rebellion, etc., not for failing to believe in Jesus.

Through the gospel, God freely offers humanity the gift of everlasting life. Please, put these slow-brained scenarios aside, and make peace with Him, while you still have time.

Today's witnessing clip:

(HT: Atheist Central)

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