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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Todd Bentley and Morningstar Apostasy

By Justin Edwards

Before I share the story about Todd Bentley, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you about some exciting news - this week I began publishing for as the Charlotte Apologetics Examiner. Because this is a secular online publication, this will be a unique audience to reach with the Gospel as I post articles defending the faith and the Christian worldview, much like I do here, but with a local bent. You can subscribe to my articles on by email or RSS feed. I'm really looking forward to what God has in store for this new audience and I appreciate your support!

Now, to the matter at hand. Todd Bentley may be most well-known for the Florida Lakeland "Revival" of 2008, but he continues to operate as a wolf in sheep's clothing under false prophet Rick Joyner. Earlier this week, a video was uploaded by Michael Krysty showing the abominations Bentley and his ilk performed in front of their ear-tickled sheople at Morningstar. It is heartbreaking to think of how many people are being deceived by these "annointed" false teachers (yes, they're annointed alright, perhaps by Satan himself).

To see what the latest is from Todd Bentley and his Fresh Fire Ministries, please follow the link:

Todd Bentley and Morningstar Deception

Please also see: Charismania - When False Spirits Enter the Church

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