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Roman Catholicism

Preparing Catholics for Eternity

By Mike Gendron

This new book will equip and encourage Christians to proclaim the glorious Gospel of grace to Catholics and also persuade Roman Catholics to trust the Word of God over the teachings and traditions of their church. The book is rich with Scripture and begins by laying a biblical foundation for truth and authority. It pleads with Catholics to work out their salvation with fear and trembling by examining the biblical requirements for salvation, how sins are forgiven and how they can know eternal life is secured by God. After years of experience in witnessing to Catholics, author Mike Gendron answers over 100 commonly asked questions by Catholics. Each question is answered with the power and confidence of God’s word. Any Catholic who is earnestly seeking the truth will welcome a copy of this book.

Catholicism versus Evangelical Christianity

Please watch the following videos to understand the difference between the Roman Catholic pathway to salvation versus the Biblical pathway to salvation.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7



The following information is courtesy of Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries (CARM).

It is my prayer that a Catholic will read and study this information and be led to true salvation in Jesus Christ. Man, traditions, liturgies, works, or the pope cannot save you; it is only by the shed blood of Jesus Christ alone by the grace of God alone through faith alone.







Papacy, the




Scripture and Tradition



  1. You need to include books, articles, youtube debates by Rob Zins who is with a Christian Witness to Roman Catholics. Check out his web site:

  2. Hi Nancy, thanks for the comment. I've been meaning to update this page for a little while, so I will definitely check out Rob's site. What is your relation to him?


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