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Cults and World Religions

I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
Yet one must only survey the multitudes of world religions and cults to understand the majority of the world's population deny this truth. And while Christian cults may acknowledge and accept the words of Christ in the passage above, they twist and distort other Scriptures to deny the deity of Christ and the doctrine of justification by faith alone, thus stripping away the sufficiency of Christ's sacrifice on the cross for the forgiveness of sin and adding works as necessary for salvation.

Similar to the Last Days Apostasy page, this page is dedicated to providing you the best resources to equip and prepare you to understand the basic teachings of religions and cults in order for you to defend the Christian faith and share the Gospel with the lost. In these last days of deception, Christian intolerance, paganism, and calls for religious unity at the cost of denying the fundamentals of Christianity, it is imperative you are well-informed not only to defend the truth against the lies, but to

...always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear... - 1 Peter 3:15

Each section is broken down by religion or cult and will include various trusted websites, books, videos, and other tools to prepare you for battle. This is a lot of information, so please take your time and visit often as you finish with each resource. The Cults and World Religions page will be updated as new resources are discovered. I pray God uses this page

...for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. - Ephesians 4:12

If you are a non-Christian and perhaps belong to one of the belief systems mentioned on this page, please know the purpose here is to lead you to the love, grace, and mercy of the One True God through His Son Jesus Christ. Please consider exploring the resources in the applicable section and seriously examine whether what you believe is actually true. Eternity is forever, so it is critical you have the right Answer as our beliefs do not create truth, rather our beliefs must conform to the truth. I pray you seek the Truth that offers you eternal life, for there is no other name, Jesus Christ, under heaven given among men by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). And remember,

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. - Hebrews 11:6

General Topical Resources on Cults and World Religions

Fast Facts on False Teachings

Order: Christian Ministries International

Description: Cult experts Ron Carlson and Ed Decker combine their extensive knowledge to give you quick, clear facts about the major Cults, World Religions, Evolution and false teachings today. Their concise informative chapters highlight the major teachings and fallacies in the light of the truth revealed in God's Word. The book is an easy to use resource that gives powerful insights for sharing with people ensnared by false religions and philosophies. Chapters include: Atheism, Evolution, Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism, Freemasonry, New Age Spirituality, the Occult, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Yoga and Reincarnation, and many more...

Christianity, Cults, & Religions (Pamphlet)

Additional and Ordering Information:  Christianity, Cults, & Religions (Pamphlet)

Description: ECPA Gold Award Winner: More than 500,000 copies sold!

Christianity, Cults & Religions helps you know what you believe and why! It compares the beliefs of 18 world religions and cults side by side: Who is God? Who is Jesus? What happens after death? How is a person “saved” and what is the spiritual goal? Religions include: Christianity, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Scientology, Judaism, Islam, Nation of Islam, Unity School of Christianity, Buddhism, New Age, Hinduism, Mormonism (Latter-Day Saints), Wicca, Hare Krishna, Unification Church, Christian Science, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, Bahá’í World Faith, and Transcendental Meditation (TM). Helps Christians understand their own beliefs. Many religious groups use the same terms but hold completely opposite beliefs. Knowing these differences helps Christians understand their own faith better. 12 panel, glossy pamphlet, fits inside most Bible covers.

The 12-panel Christianity, Cults & Religions pamphlet is an excellent way to teach the key beliefs and practices of biblical Christianity and how it compares to other religions and cults. The pamphlet's concise nature makes it easy to see and understand how the religions and cults differ as well as what they may have in common. The pamphlet is a great resource for Bible study and missions classes.

The pamphlet also contains information that addresses How to Become a Christian and What Other Groups May Teach About Jesus with a verse-by-verse biblical response.

Christianity, Cults, & Religions (Rose Bible Basics)

Additional and Ordering Information: Christianity, Cults, & Religions

Description: This full-color book expands the best-selling side-by-side comparison chart of 18 cults and world religions on the market, Christianity, Cults & Religions pamphlet to include more than 40 world religions, cults and sects. A good basic introduction on comparative religions from a Christian viewpoint and helps Christians know their own teachings as well as the differences in other groups. Excellent for people who have friends, coworkers, and neighbors of other faiths.

Includes the following groups:
Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormonism (Latter-day Saints or Mormons), Unification Church (Sun Myung Moon), Christian Science
New Age, Judaism, Islam, Nation of Islam, New Age Movement, Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism, TM (Transcendental Meditation), Unification Church, Unity School, Wicca, Kabbalah, Theosophy, Anthroposophy, Bahai, Buddhism, Christian Science, Scientology (Dianetics), Eastern mysticism, Hare Krishna, Hinduism, Sikhism (combining Hinduism with Islam), and more.

The Marks of A Cult (Video Documentary)

Order: The Marks of a Cult

Description: This new documentary from The Apologetics Group does more than simply point fingers. It explains in great detail the absolute essentials of the Faith and just how and why Christians can properly and necessarily refer to certain sects as cults. Not only a tool for recognizing and understanding false teaching and for reaching people held captive to it. The Marks of a Cult is also a powerful apologetic on the need for Christians to become more rooted in the Biblical historic faith, with its creeds and confessions, and to be better prepared to give a defense to any one who calls you to account for the hope that is in you (1 Peter 3:15).

Features Dr. James R. White, Alpha & Omega Ministries – Dr. E. Calvin Beisner, Knox Theological Seminary – Dr. R. Fowler White, Knox Theological Seminary – James Walker, Watchman Fellowship – David Henke, Watchman Fellowship – Dr. Steve Cowan, Apologetics Resource Center – Craig Branch, Apologetics Resource Center – Clete Hux, Apologetics Resource Center – Jerry Johnson, The Apologetics Group

Running time: 110 Minutes

Handbook of Today's Religions

Order: Handbook of Today's Religions

Free Online Version: Handbook of Today's Religions

Description: Don't rely on news stories or a one-sided defense of cults, the occult, or secular and non-Christian religions. This handbook provides authoritative, evangelical perspectives on alternative religions. It includes thorough, accurate information for analyzing and measuring these groups' claims and beliefs against God's Word.

576 pages

Online Resources 
Christian Ministries International:  A wealth of excellent educational resources, including books, audio CDs, DVDs and videos are available through the online bookstore. Website includes many articles on cults, religions, and biblical worldview.

Cults! An Outline Analysis: "Cults are everywhere. Some are mainstream and widely accepted. Others are isolationist and hide from examination at great expense. They are growing and flourishing. Some cause great suffering while others appear very helpful and beneficial. Which ever group it is, the ultimate end is their destruction when the Lord returns to claim His own...Hopefully, this basic outline will give you information to see how Cults work and how to avoid them. If you have someone who is lost in a cult, you need to pray and ask the Lord to remove them and give you the insight and tools needed. It can be a long and arduous task and very often ends in failure. This is not an easy ministry."

What Makes a Church or Group Non-Christian? Intro: "There are many non-Christian religions and cults in America: Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Unity, The Way International, Unitarianism, Islam, Hinduism, etc. They all claim special revelation and privilege and those that use the Bible invariably interpret it in disharmony with standard biblical understanding. And groups like the Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses object to being labeled a "cult" because it often gets an emotional reaction as well as is a label they want to avoid."

Questions About Cults and Religions:  This link provides too many questions and answers to list about cults and religions. If you can think of it, they have probably answered it.

Major Christian Cults

Roman Catholicism

For information on Roman Catholicism, please visit the following pages:

Loving Catholics to Jesus

Proclaiming the Gospel


10 Questions and Answers on Mormonism (Pamphlet)

Additional and Ordering Information: 10 Questions and Answers on Mormonism (Pamphlet)

Description: What do Mormons teach about Jesus, the Trinity, God, baptism for the dead, and how to be saved? The Latter-day Saints often use Christian terms, but mean something completely different. The 10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism bestselling pamphlet will help you to compare Christian beliefs with Mormon beliefs.

This glossy full-color pamphlet provides a clear summary of what Mormons (Latter-day Saints) believe, their practices, and history. 10 Q & A’s offers sound tips for interacting with Mormon friends, neighbors, and co-workers, and much more.

Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

10 Questions & Answers on Mormonism is an excellent tool for outreach and missions groups, or for anyone wanting to understand more about this controversial religious group. This compelling Q & A pamphlet examines 10 critical questions regarding the beliefs and practices of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and responds with what the Bible teaches about each.

This pamphlet explores the beliefs, practices and history of this controversial group, including interesting ideas and prophecies by founder Joseph Smith.

Includes a “Glossary of Mormon Terms.” The glossary is extremely helpful to those who desire to witness to Mormons.

Offers a listing of additional resources for learning more about Mormons/Latter-day Saints, and additional insights and information that improve outreach to Mormon co-workers and acquaintances.

Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints

Order: Mormonism 101: Examining the Religion of the Latter-day Saints

Description: Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson team up to produce an easy to read book that examines the basic issues that divide Mormonism from biblical Christianity. Over 500 endnotes dealing with the LDS Godhead, preexistence, the fall, the standard works, atonement, grace and works, communion, the temple, and much more! (Paperback, 2000, 320pp.)

Mormonism is one of the fastest growing religions in the world, with over five million Mormons in the United States alone. For those who have wondered in what specific ways Mormonism differs from the Christian faith, Mormonism 101 provides definitive answers.

Introducing their study with this provocative quotation from Mormon Apostle Bruce McConkieMormonism is Christianity; Christianity is Mormonism; they are one and the samethe authors refute that claim. They examine the major tenets of Mormon theology and compare them with orthodox Christian beliefs. Their helpful, point-by-point study contains succinct conclusions at the end of each major section and numerous quotes from authoritative Mormon sources.

In addition, Mormonism 101 offers practical, end-of-chapter witnessing tips. Readers will not only learn about Mormon teachings but will also be better equipped to witness to friends and family within the Mormon church. This book is also a valuable resource for students studying cults and comparative religion, as well as for organizations and ministries that reach out to Mormons.

Unveiling Grace

Eight former Latter-day Saints share about their life-changing encounter with Jesus Christ. Available on DVD from

Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith Book-DVD Combo 

From the Website: Good News for LDS

Order: Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith 

 Watch the video for FREE here: Video: Jesus Christ/Joseph Smith

This is the book that inspired the DVD Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith. Packed with over 476 pages of information and documentation, Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith sheds even more light on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and the teachings of its founder Joseph Smith.

This DVD has made headlines all over the US and Canada. Jesus Christ / Joseph Smith takes a firm, detailed look at the teachings of Joseph smith, founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints otherwise know as the LDS Church. Using historical LDS church documentation this video compares Joseph's message with the biblical message of Jesus' teachings. Was Joseph Smith a prophet or a deceiver? You be the judge as you watch this informative 90 minute production.

Watch the complete video below:

MP3 Series

5MP3 Set, Mormonism: Matt Slick and Bill McKeever Discuss Mormonism-5 Part Series

Matt Slick discusses Mormonism with noted Mormon expert, Bill McKeever of Mormonism Research Ministry.

Online Resources

Mormonism Research Ministry: This treasure chest is a must-visit - blog, videos, podcasts, articles, newsletter, and more.

Mormonism - CARM:  An extensive list of articles, proofs, Mormon doctrine, Mormon quotes, and additional resources.

Mormonism - Alpha and Omega Ministries:  Apologetic resources from Dr. James White

Jehovah's Witnesses

10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah's Witnesses pamphlet

Additional and Ordering Information:  10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah's Witnesses (Pamphlet)

Description:  What should you know about the Jehovah's Witnesses who come to your door? If you are a Christian or just interested in knowing the beliefs of this religious group, the 10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet will help. It compares Christian beliefs and Watchtower teachings on 10 of the most important questions regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses, including information on how the Jehovah’s Witnesses began, the prophecies made by their leader, Charles Taze Russell, the number of people who will go to heaven, and the reliability of the Watchtower's New World Translation, and much more. Full color and glossy, the pamphlet explains the key beliefs, practices, and history of this group and how their teachings contradict biblical Christianity. This bestselling tool compares Jehovah's Witness beliefs with Christian beliefs, and helps Christians know how to respond when Jehovah's Witnesses come to the door.
Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses is an excellent tool for outreach and missions groups, or for anyone wanting to understand more abut this controversial religious group. This compelling 10 Q & A pamphlet examines critical questions regarding the beliefs and practices of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and responds with what the Bible teaches about each:

1. How did Jehovah’s Witnesses begin?
2. Is God’s true name really Jehovah?
3. Is the Trinity really a pagan doctrine?
4. Is Jesus Christ God?
5. Is the Holy Spirit just God’s active force?
6. Will only 144,000 people go to heaven?
7. Can only Jehovah’s Witnesses be saved?
8. Is the Watchtower’s New World Translation reliable?
9. Which is the final authority: the Bible or the Watchtower?
10. What else do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe?

10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses pamphlet provides answers to 10 of the most important questions regarding Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Readers and students of other religions and cults will find answers to these and other claims Jehovah’s Witnesses make:

* It’s critical to call God by his personal name, Jehovah
* Christianity’s idea of the Trinity is like Babylonian and Egyptian mythology
* After the death of the original apostles, Christianity slipped into “the Great Apostasy”
* In heaven, Jesus was an archangel
* Only the 144,000 Christians living between Pentecost and 1935, called the “anointed class,” will live in Heaven as spirits forever
* Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t believe in holidays and celebrations

This pamphlet explores the beliefs, practices and history of this controversial group, including interesting ideas and prophecies by founder Charles Taze Russell.

The 10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses includes a “Glossary of Jehovah’s Witness Terms.”

The 10 Questions & Answers on Jehovah’s Witnesses offers a listing of additional resources for learning more about Jehovah’s Witnesses, and “You Should Also Know” sections that provide additional information on various topics.

The pamphlet also offers “Tips for Talking with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The 10 Most Important Things You Could Say to a Jehovah's Witness

Order: The 10 Most Important Things You Could Say to a Jehovah's Witness

Description: Believing the Watchtower Society to be God's representative on earth, Jehovah’s Witnesses rely on this organization to interpret Scripture, provide behavior guidelines, and enable them to attain paradise on Earth. President of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministry Ron Rhodes provides biblical truths that expose the errors in Jehovah’s Witnesses teachings that Jesus is a “lesser” god, the Trinity is a doctrine inspired by Satan, salvation hinges on obedience, Jesus’ second coming occurred in 1914, and more.

Join Rhodes as he presents essential keys to effectively witness to people led astray by this cult. He also highlights the major differences between Jehovah’s Witnesses and biblical Christianity by

* identifying the ten most critical problems of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
* examining the exact nature of each doctrinal error.
* contrasting their cultic teachings with the truth found in God’s Word.
* reviewing basic principles of Bible interpretation that ensure accurate understanding.
* explaining the correct meaning of Bible verses that Jehovah’s Witnesses cite out of context.

Filled with facts, yet easy to understand, this book is a must have for anyone dialoguing with Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses

Order:  Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah's Witnesses

Description: Christians have great news to offer Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this revised and updated version of the top–selling Reasoning from the Scriptures with the Jehovah’s Witnesses (more than 100,000 copies sold), author and Bible expert Ron Rhodes helps readers delve into the Bible and use practical tools to share God’s truths with those who come calling.

* Convenient side–by–side comparisons of the New World Translation and the Bible, along with answers to each doctrinal error espoused by the Witnesses
* Point–by–point lists of the favorite tactics and arguments used by the Witnesses—along with effective, biblical responses to each
* Questions you can ask to challenge the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ confidence in the Watchtower Society

With easy–to–understand helps, concise information, direct comparisons of beliefs, and a compassionate presentation, this resource from Ron Rhodes is ideal for personal and church libraries and for any reader who wants to confidently share the gospel.

“This revised and updated version of a bestselling book is crammed full with tactful and sensitive suggestions about how to witness to a Jehovah's Witness and a treasury of Bible references that would make the task of loving a Jehovah's Witness and reasoning with them a great deal more likely to succeed…Every church leader needs at least two copies—as the one you lend out probably won’t come back.”—Christian Marketplace

Jehovah's Witnesses and the New World Translation mp3

Order: Jehovah's Witnesses and the New World Translation mp3

Description:  A detailed discussion of the mis-translations of the New World Translation of Jehovah's Witnesses. Complete with page number and version citations James White covers the issues one by one. (1 Hour 20 Minutes) Formats available are CD and MP3.

Online Resources

Witnesses for Jesus, Inc. This site is nothing short of priceless. Numerous articles, Gospel tracts, testimonies, a newsletter, ministry opportunities, and much more including Spanish translation. From the website:

We are a Christian ministry dedicated to sharing the good news of the eternal salvation in Jesus Christ. Our area of special focus is reaching the hearts and minds of Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons (Latter-day Saints or LDS). Whether you’re currently involved in either one of these groups or you have friends or relatives involved, this website is for you! To help us serve you better, please select one of the following links that best describes your interest: 
Freeminds:  Articles, books, CDs, DVDs, testimonies, newsletter, blogs, and ministerial needs for those trapped or coming out of this cult.

Jehovah's Witnesses - CARM:  Like their resource for Mormonism, CARM provides an extensive list of articles, doctrine, Jehovah's Witnesses quotes, and additional resources. Truly valuable. 

Witnesses - Alpha and Omega Ministries: Apologetics resources from Dr. James White.

Seventh Day Adventist

10 Q&A on Seventh-day Adventism (Pamphlet)

Order:  10 Q&A on Seventh-day Adventism pamphlet

Description: Why do Seventh-day Adventists worship on Saturdays only? Who was their prophet, Ellen G. White, and what did she teach about Jesus (identified as Michael the Archangel), the Trinity (both God the Father and Jesus have tangible bodies), and salvation? What is the SDA Bible paraphrase, The Clear Word, and how does it alter the original Greek and Hebrew meanings to fit Mrs. White's unusual teachings? Why do Adventists consider Sunday worship “the mark of the beast?” What is the “investigative judgment,” and how does it deny the biblical belief that Jesus paid fully for our sins at the cross? Christians need to be aware of traditional Adventist teachings. 10 Reasons Cults Experts are Concerned About Seventh-day Adventism (SDA): Find out what SDA members really believe, and why. This pamphlet, 10 Q & A Seventh-day Adventism, gives 10 beliefs that contradict the Bible yet are held by SDA’s today.

* This short, simple 14-page overview gives side-by-side comparisons of the most important issues—and the beliefs that every SDA member holds.
* In just a few minutes, you will grasp the basic problems with the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist prophet, Ellen G. White.
* Know the history and strange teachings of SDA about salvation, atonement, and their failed end times prophecies.
* Find out that the SDA church considers itself to be the only true remnant church.
* See examples showing how the Seventh-day Adventist Bible paraphrase, The Clear Word, changes dozens of biblical passages to add in Ellen G. White’s unusual doctrines.
* Learn why they go to Christian music events and try to proselytize young believers.
* SDA’s believe that worshipping on Sunday is the mark of the Beast (a sign you are not a true Christian).
* Glossary that shows how SDA members use Christian terms but mean something else.

Seventh Day Adventism: The Spirit Behind the Church (DVD)

Order: Seventh Day Adventism: The Spirit Behind the Church (DVD)

Description: After years of dialog with leaders from the Seventh-day Adventist Church (SDAC), the late Dr. Walter Martin, famed counter-cult evangelist and author of the highly acclaimed The Kingdom of the Cults, publicly stated that they were not a false sect, but rather a true Christian church. Many Christian leaders and cult researchers disagreed, believing that Dr. Martin had been deceived by the leadership of the SDAC.

This hard-hitting, eye-opening documentary answers once and for all the questions Dr. Martin raised nearly fifty years ago. It explores the origins and teachings of the sect and examines the claims of the founder and self-appointed prophet, Mrs. Ellen G. White, comparing her unique beliefs with the Bible.

You will meet a number of former high-ranking church leaders, many of them fourth generation Adventists, and discover what happened when they embarked on a journey to discover the truth about Mrs. White, the doctrine of the “investigative judgment” and numerous other teachings held by the movement. You will be shocked by what they found.

“For those who may agree or for those who strongly disagree, viewers of this documentary will find it a most fascinating exploration into the cultic aspects of the teachings of Ellen G. White. I heartily recommended it for Christians who seek genuine answers based on the best scholarship and firm adherence to the truths of God's Word ." Dr. James Kennedy, Senior Pastor Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Fort Lauderdale , FL.

Online Resources

Former Adventist Fellowship:  "Welcome former and questioning Seventh-day Adventists. This is a place for you to fellowship and study with others who have discovered that Jesus is their true Sabbath Rest."

Seventh Day Adventism - CARM: Provides information on doctrine, issues, and answers.

Question: "What is Seventh-day Adventism (SDA) and what do Seventh-day Adventists believe?":  3 short paragraphs from answering these questions.
Major World Religions


What Do Jewish People Think About Jesus?

Additional and Ordering Information: What Do Jewish People Think About Jesus?

Description:  Written in an accessible style, What Do Jewish People Think about Jesus? answers sixty common questions about Jewish people and Jewish culture. Drawn from the steady stream of questions Michael L. Brown’s ministry receives every month, the book’s questions reflect the perennial Christian fascination with Jewish customs and beliefs.
A Jewish believer himself, Brown provides clear answers to questions like “Are there Jewish denominations?” “What are the ten lost tribes of Israel?” “Do the Jewish people expect a literal Messiah?” and many more. The book also addresses questions Christians have about their own relationship to the Old Testament Law, such as “Should Christians observe the Sabbath on Saturday?” and “Are Gentile Christians spiritual Jews?”

Answering Jewish Objection to Jesus - Volumes 1-5

Volume 1: In the first volume of this multi-part series, Dr. Brown addresses the most fundamental objections to Jesus raised by Jewish people, including the claim that you can't be Jewish and believe in Jesus. Brown also provides reflections on anti-Semitism in Church history and the meaning of the Holocaust.

Incisive and direct - this book provides an honest - fair - and thorough discussion of 35 common objections on general and historical themes. Believers and seekers alike will appreciate Brown's spiritually focused answers - which are thoroughly documented and foot noted.

Volume 2:  This volume is a must-have for anyone who is serious about bringing the gospel to the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel.

Like its predecessor, it is filled with scriptural insights that will enable the reader to first understand and then effectively address concerns commonly raised.

Incisive and direct, this book provides an honest, fair, and thorough discussion of common objections on theological themes. Believers and seekers alike will appreciate Brown's spiritually focused answers, which are thoroughly documented and foot noted.

Volume 3:  These are some objections raised by Jews regarding Jesus as the Messiah.

Using the Hebrew Bible, Rabbinic texts and the New Testament, Michael Brown provides thorough answers to nearly forty such objections. This third installment of Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus looks specifically at questions raised about messianic prophecies in Isaiah, Daniel, Psalms, Haggai, and Zechariah.

It’s an invaluable resource for seekers and for anyone wanting to point students of the Torah to Jesus.

Volume 4:  These are some objections raised by Jews regarding the New Testament.

In this volume of the Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus series, Dr. Brown counters the arguments that the New Testament mistranslates, misuses, and misunderstands the Hebrew Scriptures, also addressing the objections that Jesus or Paul abolished the Law.

He addresses questions about issues such as how the New Testament quotes and interprets the Old Testament, the historical accuracy of the New Testament, apparent contradictions in the Gospels and the rest of the New Testament, pagan influences on Christian teachings, and whether Jesus abolished the Torah.

Volume 5:  In the fifth and final volume of this highly-acclaimed series, Dr. Brown refutes the claim that there is an unbroken chain of authoritative tradition going back to Moses on Mount Sinai and that it is impossible to understand the Hebrew Scriptures without the help of the rabbis.

Order Complete Set at Special Discount Here: Answering Jewish Objections to Jesus - Complete Set Special

Our Hands Are Stained with Blood

Description: From the first "Christian" persecutions of the Jews in the fourth century to the unspeakable horrors of the holocaust, from Israel-bashing in today's press to anti-semitism in today's pulpits, this shocking and painful book tells the tragic story of the "Church" and the Jewish people. It is a story every Christian must hear.

Who Is Israel's Redeemer? 

Description:  "Who Is Israel's Redeemer?" is an exploration of prophetic scriptures concerning Israel's Messiah.  This book began as a series of lectures in Hebrew intended for an orthodox Jewish audience. Who is Israel's Redeemer is an in-depth exploration of prophetic prophesies concerning the Messiah and God's plan for redemption. Because of the originally intended audience, the book also makes use of rabbinic/Talmudic scholarship to prove that Jesus of Nazareth is the only one who can be the Redeemer of Israel. This book is a thought-provoking and scholarly work for any student of the Bible or those seeking to deepen their faith. 101 pages

Online Resources

Real Messiah:  "This website is devoted to all seekers of truth, especially Jewish men and women who have questions about the Messianic credentials of Jesus (Yeshua) of Nazareth.  Also, if you’re a believer in Yeshua with honest questions, this is the place for you. And if you don’t believe in him at all – even to the point of hostility – this is the place for you too, as long as you’re willing to hear the evidence and consider the facts."

Ask Dr. Brown: Michael L. Brown is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, North Carolina, director of the Coalition of Conscience, and host of the daily, nationally, syndicated talk radio show, “The Line of Fire,” as well as the host of the Jewish-outreach, documentary TV series, “Think It Thru,” which airs internationally on the INSP network. He became a believer in Jesus 1971 as a sixteen year-old, heroin-shooting, LSD-using Jewish rock drummer. Since then, he has preached throughout America and around the world, bringing a message of repentance, revival, reformation, and cultural revolution.

The Bible Society in Israel: Go here for a vast array of Messianic resources including news, projects, Messianic Judaism, myths and facts, books, audio, free Scripture resources, and much more. From the website: "The Bible Society in Israel continues the ancient heritage of preserving the eternal Word of God by publishing and distributing the Bible including the New Testament, as well as outreach and study materials in Hebrew and other languages."

Hope for Israel: At Hope for Israel, a ministry headquartered in Jerusalem, Israel, we are…  Responding to Yeshua's call to make disciples through small group discipleship.  Extending God's hand of mercy through humanitarian aid and outreach projects.  Providing financial support for believers suffering difficulties or persecution.  Supporting indigenous congregations.  Equipping the Body of Messiah to bring the hope of Messiah back to Israel.  Leading one-of-a-kind tours to Israel.

THE MESSIAH IN THE OLD TESTAMENT:  "This [free online] book about the Messianic Old Testament prophecies in the Light of Rabbinical Writings has already seen eight Hebrew editions in Israel. It is the first study written in modern Hebrew by a gentile scholar. According to the writer he is making a kind of "Nahson's leap", the first one to jump into the Red Sea at Moses' command. The item is somewhat delicate. The writer is stepping into the lion's den of the Rabbis and into the fiery furnace of the liberal theologians. But he hopes that others will follow him and promote a similar dialogue in the spirit of tolerance and spiritual democracy. The book has been translated e.g. in English, German, Russian, Finnish and Estonian. The Chinese version is forthcoming also."

Hope of Israel Messianic Congregation:  Many Messianic resources provided here. Hope of Israel is a Messianic congregation made up of followers of Messiah Yeshua who sincerely worship the God of Israel and boldly proclaim the Good News of Messiah Yeshua in order to grow the body of Yeshua, lead others to worship, witness and build up others in the love of Yeshua.  Hope Israel Congregation meets at      Central Church of God     5301 Sardis Road     Charlotte, NC 28270-5206 


Islam & Christianity (Pamphlet)

Additional and Ordering Information: Islam & Christianity (Pamphlet)

Description: The insightful and concise Islam & Christianity pamphlet compares the basic beliefs of Christians and Muslims (followers of Islamic faith) in a single glance. Using an easy-to-follow, fold-out chart format, this bestselling pamphlet helps believers understand the key differences between Muslims and Christian. It looks at key issues and asks, "What Muslims Believe," "What Christians Believe," and addresses "How to Correct Misunderstandings." With this knowledge believers can reach out to Muslim without offending cultural sensitivities. Size: 8.5"x 5.5" unfolds to 33" long. Fits inside most Bible covers.

More than one billion people around the world follow the teachings of Muhammad and Islam. The Islam & Christianity pamphlet is an excellent tool for pastors, teachers and others who are interested in discovering the beliefs that Christians and Muslims have in common and those that are different. This tool will help pastors and leaders equip missions-minded believers to avoid common witnessing mistakes and to be more sensitive about sharing their faith with Muslims. Discover what Muslims have been taught about Christianity and how to answer their questions and concerns.

Jesus Christ or Muhammed - A guide to Islam and Christianity that helps explain the differences

Order: Jesus Christ or Muhammed - A guide to Islam and Christianity that helps explain the differences

Description: A unique analysis of the differences between Islam and Christianity, making it an invaluable source of study for the serious Bible student. This book is designed to be read and used by the ordinary 'lay' Christian, but such is the lack of knowledge about the interaction between Christianity and Islam it would be of profit to pastors, evangelists, theological students and church workers as well.

160 pages

All of the major discussion points between Muslims and Christians are dealt with in this book. The subjects covered include:
--What is the test of true religion?
--The doctrine of God
--Divine sovereignty in the Koran
--The doctrine of salvation in the Koran
--Was Jesus crucified?
--Islam's objections to Christ as Saviour
--The Koran's differences with the Bible
--Mohammed's claim to be Christ's successor 'the comforter'
--The God of the Koran
--Mohammed's claims for the Koran
--Christ is the prophet spoken about by Moses
--Messianic prophecy
--The claims of Christ
--The meaning of 'Trinity'
--The witness to Christ of the Word of God and the Apostles
--Is Christianity the invention of Paul?
--The resurrection of Christ

The Gospel for Muslims: An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence

Order: The Gospel for Muslims: An Encouragement to Share Christ with Confidence

Description: When it comes to Muslim evangelism, the greatest myth is that Muslim do not convert. I'm here to tell you that they do.

There are between five and eight million Muslims living in the United States today. They either are, or soon will be, your neighbors and co-workers. Does the thought of reaching out to them with the gospel make you nervous? How can you effectively communicate the good news with such large theological differences? The Gospel for Muslims can help make sharing your faith easier than you think.

Thabiti Anyabwile, himself a convert, from Islam to Christianity, instructs you in ways to share the good news of Christ with your neighbors and friends. The Gospel for Muslims allows you to focus on the people rather than the religious system. Meant for the average Christian, this book is not an exhaustive apologetic or a detailed comparative study of Christianity and Islam. Rather, it compellingly stirs confidence in the gospel, equipping the reader with the basics necessary to communicate clearly, boldly, and winsomely.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

Order: The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam

Description:  Islam expert Robert Spencer reveals Islam's ongoing, unshakable quest for global conquest and why the West today faces the same threat as the Crusaders did--and what we can learn from their experience.

From the Back Cover

Everything (well, almost everything) you know about Islam and the Crusades is wrong because most textbooks and popular history books are written by left-wing academics and Islamic apologists who justify their contemporary political agendas with contrived historical "facts." But fear not: Robert Spencer (author of the bestseller Islam Unveiled) refutes the popular myths in The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades). Spencer reveals facts that you won't be taught in school and will never hear on the evening news, supplies a revealing list of "Books You Must Not Read" (as far as the PC left is concerned), and takes you on a fast-paced politically incorrect tour of Islamic teaching and Crusades history that will give you all the information you need to understand the true nature of the global conflict America faces today.

The Truth About Muhammad

Order:  The Truth About Muhammad

Description: In this startling new book, New York Times bestselling author Robert Spencer, provides a warts-and-all portrait of the Prophet of Islam and draws out what his life implies for reforming Islam and repulsing Islamic terrorists. Spencer relies solely on primary sources considered reliable by Muslims and evaluates modern biographies to show how Muhammad has been changed for Western audiences, lulling them into consoling but false conclusions.

From the Inside Flap

Muhammad: a frank look at his influential (and violent) life and teachings

In The Truth about Muhammad, New York Times bestselling author and Islam expert Robert Spencer offers an honest and telling portrait of the founder of Islam-perhaps the first such portrait in half a century-unbounded by fear and political correctness, unflinching, and willing to face the hard facts about Muhammad's life that continue to affect our world today.

From Muhammad's first "revelation" from Allah (which filled him with terror that he was demonpossessed) to his deathbed (from which he called down curses upon Jews and Christians), it's all here-told with extensive documentation from the sources that Muslims themselves consider most reliable about Muhammad.

Spencer details Muhammad's development from a preacher of hellfire and damnation into a political and military leader who expanded his rule by force of arms, promising his warriors luridly physical delights in Paradise if they were killed in his cause. He explains how the Qur'an's teaching on warfare against unbelievers developed-with constant war to establish the hegemony of Islamic law as the last stage.

Spencer also gives the truth about Muhammad's convenient "revelations" justifying his own licentiousness; his joy in the brutal murders of his enemies; and above all, his clear marching orders to his followers to convert non-Muslims to Islam-or force them to live as inferiors under Islamic rule.

In The Truth about Muhammad, you'll learn:

- The truth about Muhammad's multiple marriages (including one to a nine-year-old) - How Muhammad set legal standards that make it virtually impossible to prove rape in Islamic countries - How Muhammad's example justifies jihad and terrorism - The real "Satanic verses" incident (not the Salman Rushdie version) that remains a scandal to Muslims - How Muhammad's faulty knowledge of Judaism and Christianity has influenced Islamic theology--and colored Muslim relations with Jews and Christians to this day.

Recognizing the true nature of Islam, Spencer argues, is essential for judging the prospects for largescale Islamic reform, the effective prosecution of the War on Terror, the democracy project in Afghanistan and Iraq, and immigration and border control to protect the United States from terrorism.

All of which makes it crucial for every citizen (and policymaker) who loves freedom to read and ponder The Truth about Muhammad.

Inside the Islamic Mind - Understanding How Koranic Muslims View the West and Rest of the World (DVD)

Order: Inside the Islamic Mind - Understanding How Koranic Muslims View the West and Rest of the World (DVD)


"This is the battle of the age. It is not going to go away. And if we don't respond properly - acknowledging our sins where they truly exist - and then addressing the very real threat in a direct and Biblically-informed way, the waning experiment in Christian liberty that is the West will be over." Eric Holmberg - President, The Apologetics Group

Fourteen hundred years ago, followers of Muhammad began their quest to bring the rest of the world into Islam (literally: submission to Allah). More often than not, this submission was wrought by the edge of the sword. Several times it looked as though JIHAD (literally: the struggle to bring about this submission) would conquer the known world. The last time Muslim armies were turned back in this quest was September 11, 1683 - the day their when an alliance of Christian armies led by Jan III Sobieski, the King of Poland, arrived at the Gates of Vienna. For the Islamic faithful, this particular September 11th is frozen in time; a day when their glorious vision for world conquest was stopped.

Our more recent 9/11, however, marks the beginning of the great thaw. Once again Jihad is alive and well and marching forward to take over the world.

The West ignores this reality, with all its attendant religious, political and ideological implications, at its own peril. Fueled by a genie's treasure trove of petrodollars and emboldened by the extraordinary effectiveness of modern terror, this challenge will only grow in intensity. It is absolutely vital we understand the "Koranic mind."

This DVD contains three separate documentaries that provide significant insights into this world.

· The Power of Nightmares is a fascinating study of one of the most important people you've never heard of: Sayyid Qutb. This thoughtful Egyptian educator - Islam's "Francis Schaeffer" -- understood America's fall from grace better than most of her leaders, secular and spiritual alike. He took those insights and, processed through his Koranic worldview, helped create the Osama bin Laden's of the new Islamic renaissance.

· Age of Disorder looks at the birth of the modern world - and the modern Middle East - through the lens of the Islamic mind. Produced by Muslim apologists, it is far from "fair and balanced." But in this it provides important insights into how Muslims view many of the key events and movements of the 20th century.

· Iraq-Occupied Land comes from the same ideological bent, focusing on what has become the epicenter of Western/Islamic conflict - Iraq.

Product Details

· Encoding: Multi-regional (Region Free)

· Running Time: Approximately 110 minutes

Christian & Muslim Debate (DVD) - Dr. James White

Order:  Christian & Muslim Debate (DVD) - Dr. James White

Description:  World religions have clashed over the differences in their inspired texts for thousands of years. Perhaps the most intriguing rift is between the Bible and the Qur'an. According to Muslim apologist Shabir Ally, there is sound evidence that the New Testament is not entirely correct as we know it today. Reformed Christian apologist Dr. James R. White defends the orthodox position of Biblical inerrancy.

Recorded at Biola University before a packed house, this debate with a Muslim scholar will give you a better understanding of inspiration and textual criticism.

Questions raised include:

Is the Bible alone the Word of God?
Can a Christian truly believe that the New Testament is inspired?
Can we trust that God guided the apostles who wrote the New Testament? What about the translators who copied their letters?
Or have they been corrupted and rewritten by careless scribes and enemies of Christ through the centuries?
How do we explain textual variations?
Can we still maintain that the Bible we possess today is the inspired Word of God in light of the arguments of higher critics and skeptics?
In addition, since the Koran is also a work of antiquity, can it survive the scrutiny when evaluated by the same standards that Muslims use on the New Testament?

"WARNING: Clear your head of all worldly distractions and engage your brain. This is one of the best debates we have ever seen. Praise God for raising up a man like Dr. James R. White."--

Online Resources

Answering Islam: This is the most extensive Christian online resource (that I know of) addressing the claims of Islam from a biblical perspective. Offering 22 different languages, this is a critical source for Christians and Muslims alike. Just click on the link and you'll see what I mean.

Aramaic Broadcasting Network: "ABN is a non-denominational ministry committed to presenting the Word of God and its transforming message of Jesus Christ to Arabic and Aramaic speaking people worldwide through media."

Jihad Watch: A secular source from Robert Spencer providing invaluable and current resources on Islam and its threat to Western civilization.

Arabic Bible Outreach: "Our sincere desire is for all Arabic speaking people on the Internet to be introduced to God's eternal plan for men's salvation through Jesus Christ the Messiah. May the Lord God bless you and guide you through our pages."

The Religion of Peace:  " is a non-partisan and pluralistic site concerned with Islam's true political and religious teachings according to its own texts. We present the threat that Islam poses to human dignity and freedom, and document the violence that ensues as a direct consequence of this religion's supremacist teachings."

Islam - CARM:  Like its other resources on cults and religions, CARM provides a treasure chest of information on the teachings of Islam, history of Islam, Islamic texts, Muhammad, comparisons to Christianity and the Bible, dialogues with Muslims, answering objections Christianity, and much more.

How to Witness to Muslims - The Evidence Bible:  A systematic method to witness to Muslims (from Living Waters).

Buddhism and Hinduism

Christianity & Eastern Religions (Pamphlet)

Order: Christianity & Eastern Religions (Pamphlet)

Description:  A detailed comparison of Christianity with 11 groups including the major types of Hinduism and Buddhism, including:
• Origins; Founder; Other Major Historical Figures; Sacred Writings; Key Beliefs on God and the Purpose of Life/Salvation, Distinctive Practices and Major Celebrations, Denominations, and Number of Adherents
• Focus on the Dalai Lama
• Profiles of other Eastern religions, including: - Sikhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Shinto, as well as beliefs and practices such as reincarnation and karma, yoga, Eastern meditation

The Growth of Eastern Religions and What it Means to Christians
A century ago the average person knew little to nothing about eastern religions like Buddhism or Hinduism. But as globalization has brought the East the West together, eastern religious teachings and practices have rapidly influenced western culture and beliefs over the twentieth century. For example, in 1900 an estimated 1% of North Americans believed in Hindu or Buddhist reincarnation compared with approximately 25% of the U.S. population today who believe in reincarnation. With missionary zeal, Hindu gurus and Buddhist monks-such as the Dali Lama of Tibetan Buddhism and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi of Transcendental Meditation-have traveled to the West to spread their religions. Some eastern religious beliefs and practices have been popularized in western culture through forms such as meditation, feng shui, martial arts, acupuncture, and Asian medicine. But the foundational beliefs of the eastern religious worldview remain in stark contrast to the Christian worldview.

This pamphlet helps Christians understand their own beliefs as well as those of other religions.
Use this pamphlet to teach the Scriptural basis for why Christians --
1. Believe there is a God who is personal, powerful, and has a fatherly interest in our lives.
2. Believe that there is only one physical life, and then the judgment.
3. That man can never be good enough to evolve to perfection, inner peace, or pleasing God.
4. Believe that Christ is the only way.
5. Believe that Christ is the means to inner peace, blessedness, and pleasing God.

Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu

Order: Sharing Your Faith with a Hindu

Description: A unique witnessing resource from a Former Hindu

How do you share your faith with your Hindu neighbor, colleague, and friend? The Hindu population in North America is growing steadily, now numbering over one million people. However, most Christians know little about Hindu beliefs and practices.

Madasamy Thirumalai, who was raised a Hindu and became a believer in Jesus more than twenty years ago, explains historical and contemporary Hindu customs, ritual practices, and intellectual obstacles to Christianity, and offers practical tips and tools on how to win Hindus to the Lord. Sharing Your Faith With a Hindu is an effective guide for Hindu evangelism both in the United States and abroad.

"If you have Hindu neighbors or other acquaintences, get this book." -- The Baptist Bulletin, Jan. 2003 
Jesus Among Other Gods

Order:  Jesus Among Other Gods

Description: No such thing as absolute truth? Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias' work is a brilliant defense of the unique truth of the Christian message. Exposing the futility of Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, he also highlights his own journey from despair and meaninglessness to the discovery that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Publishers Note: In his most important work to date, apologetics scholar and popular speaker Ravi Zacharias shows how the blueprint for life and death itself is found in a true understanding of Jesus. With a simple yet penetrating style, Zacharias uses rich illustrations to celebrate the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives.Jesus Among Other Godscontrasts the truth of Jesus with founders of Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism, strengthening believers and compelling them to share their faith with our post-modern world.

Online Resources for Hinduism

What is Hinduism and what do Hindus believe?  A brief synopsis of Hinduism from

Hinduism - The Evidence Bible:  A useful witnessing tool from Living Waters that contrasts the Christian and Hindu views of God, creation, man, sin, salvation, worship, in addition to providing witnessing tips.

Witnessing to Hindus: "American Christians who take the Great Commission seriously cannot afford to ignore Hinduism. Not only are one million of its roughly eight million adherents living in the United States, but the beliefs and practices of Hinduism (e.g., pantheism, reincarnation, and yoga) have deeply penetrated Western culture. In Part One we provided necessary background information for understanding Hindus. Now we offer six specific suggestions that will help facilitate meaningful dialogue with them."

A Christian's Pocket Guide to Buddhism

Order:  A Christian's Pocket Guide to Buddhism

Description:  Buddhism has existed for over 2,500 years. Like Christianity it has faced persecution. While it started as mainly an Asian religion it is now beginning to see considerable growth in the west with it being the fastest growing religion in Australia and has two thousand temples in the USA.

If you compare Christianity and Buddhism you see will two contrasts. A Buddhist would not believe in a supreme God who created the universe or in fact anything supernatural. They believe in "making merit". Christianity talks about communicating the gospel of a loving God who gives mercy, hope and an exchanged life.

This guide will help you overcome the hurdles and communicate the gospel in a way that Buddhists can understand. So whether you are travelling or meet a Buddhist in your workplace, this book will be an invaluable tool in this cross-cultural age.

Online Resources for Buddhism

What is Buddhism and what do Buddhists believe?  This article from provides information on Buddhism and how it is absolutely not compatible with Christianity, contrary to what liberal, New Age, and emerging theologians might have you believe.

Buddhism - The Evidence Bible:  Living Waters provides invaluable information on Buddhism and how to witness to Buddhists when engaging them in conversation.

Buddhism - Contender Ministries:  "According to a 1990 Census, over 800,000 Americans point to Japan as their nation of origin.  The vast majority of these people are professing Buddhists.  At the same time thousands of non-Asian North Americans have adopted Buddhism as their religion.  Due in part to their inclusiveness and support of the interfaith movement, Buddhism has become very popular.  Yet, many Christians are woefully uninformed as to what the Buddhists actually believe.  Christian leaders, instead of boldly proclaiming the gospel of Christ, have joined the ranks of the "enlightened", and are teaching their congregations that there should be harmony and cooperation between Buddhist doctrine and the Christian faith.  If you study what Buddhism teaches, however, you must conclude that there can be no harmony between the two.  They are opposite in almost every way and one would have to deny Christ and the Bible in order to embrace Buddhism as a religion that also leads to God and salvation.  Here we will examine these vast differences, compare Buddhism with the truth of the Bible, and provide information that will help you share the message of Christ with Buddhists."

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