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Friday, October 15, 2010

More Background on the Mark Cahill "Situation"

By Justin Edwards

Yesterday I posted developing news in the evangelism community in the article titled Mark Cahill - Sad and Shocking News. This unfortunate situation hit the web a couple of weeks ago, but has seemingly been brewing since earlier this year. Tony Miano from Living Waters posted on his blog yesterday in response to a mischaracterization of Tony by Mark Cahill. Even more unfortunate, it seems Mark has withdrawn his affirmation of Tony as a brother in Christ, which we might assume, based on his own words, that Mark has withdrawn brotherly fellowship from anyone in the Body of Christ who adheres to the Doctrines of Grace, commonly known as Calvinism.

I share this to give you more of the "story" and as another plea to remain in prayer for Mark Cahill. At root, this issue is not about Calvinism or Arminianism, it is about Mark's continued and misguided damnable accusations of the brethren belonging to a different theological system than he. Please continue to pray for Mark's heart to be softened towards his brothers in Christ and that he would come to repentance and reconciliation.

Here is Tony's humble and compassionate response: In Response to Mark Cahill

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